HALO Construction Sets - Your Choice!

by wootbot

HALO There

Trust us, the only thing a kid loves more than the words "orbital combat plane" are the words "YOUR orbital combat plane."

Mom and Dad, you're old enough to think HALO is a reference to what Nine Inch Nails lovers collect! No, no, no, that's not true. HALO popped up in 2001, so if you understood that Nine Inch Nails joke, you were there when the Xbox's best game began. Since then, HALO has become a gaming high water mark, and even though your kids might not recognize Dig Dug, they certainly know Master Chief.

So with a variety of building options, these fine little future-things are a goal-driven masterpiece just waiting to be solved. It's a puzzle game, like Minecraft, except IRL! Your kids can snap the pieces together and then imagine the marines, officers, grenadier and the tough lookin' Spartan MK VB as they zip around high above- er, below- er, inside the Dyson Sphere.

Which will be great, because then you can play all the bad parts of GTA V while they're distracted.