Guidecraft Table and Chairs - 2 Finishes

by wootbot

Liar Liar

Don't believe everything your mother tells you. Except for that part about these tables and chairs being ideal for reading homework or projects. That's totally true.

Here is a list of things my mom told me would happen if I didn't stop what I was doing but that never did and why.

1. Stop making that face or it'll freeze like that.

I made funny faces all the time. My face never got stuck like any of them for an extended period of time. Why? Because that's not how muscles work. Unless you're having a stroke, in which case they don't work at all.

2. Don't lean back in the chair like that because you'll fall.

I leaned back in a lot of chairs in my day. Never once did I fall, not counting that time my stupid cousin kicked the leg out from under me. Why? Because I had Guidecraft chairs with angled back legs for stability.

3. Stop jumping on the table. You're gonna break it.

While this is actually pretty good advice since I was prone to stepping in dog doo and tracking it in on my sneakers, I never once broke any tables by jumping on them. Why? Because as naggy as she could be, mom had an eye for double bolt construction and hardwood posts.

4. Get off that computer and do something with your life or you're gonna die alone.

Well, I haven't died yet (probably since I've always heeded her warning not to go outside without a coat or I'll catch pneumonia). But I can say with absolute certainty that when it happens, I won't be alone. Why? Because I have the internet. SO TAKE THAT, MOM!