Guidecraft Magneatos Sets - Your Choice

by wootbot

Writer's Block

Inspiration can be found in every day surroundings. But that doesn't mean it should.

All his life, Manny Sherbzinger had been self-conscious about his abnormally tiny hands. He was a hulking 6 feet 5 inches tall and 320 lbs, but his hands never developed past the age of 4.

As you would expect, he was teased mercilessly on a daily basis. At some point in junior high, the other kids had adopted the name "Nubs Magee" for him. Even today, his coworkers often called him "Mini Mitts" or "Dinky Pinkies".

Despite his shortcomings, Manny Sherbzinger had a big heart, and an even bigger imagination. When people were being their cruelest, he would escape into a daydream about a magical place where everyone had tiny hands, and every day items like scissors and cotton candy were sized to the most ergonomically asdjkl;auk;lkjfljdalkh …

"Ugh," said Michelle as she slammed her hands down on her keyboard. She was having a severe case of writer's block, and she was pretty confident this could win an award for the most ludicrous storyline ever written in the history of the written word.

She had looked around the room, desperate for inspiration. But she just kept coming back to Jake's Guidecraft Magneatos Set.

-Magneatos jumbo-sized pieces are designed for small hands and huge imagination.

"There has to be SOMETHING here," she said as she continued to read.

-Pieces connect together easily and securely, and come apart with minimal force required.

"Maybe a cop drama, but instead of lots of action, it focuses on the more realistic cases where the suspect goes calmly and without incident. Perfect, Michelle. You've just put everyone to sleep, including yourself."

-Encourages the development of problem-solving, mathematical, comprehension, social and emotional skills.

"I've got it! Twin teen geniuses who combine mental powers to predict forthcoming natural disasters. But when separated (perhaps the CIA captures one of them to study), their powers disap … Good gravy, have mercy," Michelle said as she pushed her chair away from her desk. "I think it's time for a stiff cocktail … or six."