Graco TableFit High Chair

by wootbot

Highest In The Land

You may approach the high chair.

Bailiff Daddy, bring forth the next defendant! Ah, yes, creamed spinach. It says here you've stolen over twenty-five different automobiles. Today it is your turn to face justice. Justice most harsh! Have you any statements? No? Very well. I sentence you to ... a flinging against the wall! Ha ha ha! Hoo hoo hoo!

Oh, don't make that face, Bailiff Daddy. He had it coming. He knew the second he stepped before my Graco TableFit Highchair what he would face. Let's move along. Next case!

Ah, diced peaches. You've been here before, haven't you? Yes, I remember. Last time I gave you a pass and let you roll around on the plastic tray. What is it this time? Armed robbery? And you came from such a good Georgia family, too. Ah, well, I sentence you to ... a flinging against the wall! Tee hee hee! Ho ho ho!

Well, young oat ring. Always nice to see you. Officer Daddy, did you know this oat ring and I went to the same school? Oh my, what a long list of crimes! Oat ring? Are these true? Tell you what, why don't we work out a deal? You let me gum your crunchy outer shell for a few minutes and then I'll drop you down the side of the cushion and let you go free across that floor. Sound fair?

Bailiff Daddy, that'll be all for today. The banana pudding case will have to wait until tomorrow. Back into the fridge with it!