Gold Rush Panning Kit + Extra "Pay Dirt"

by wootbot

Much Count, Very Grow, Wow

There are only two sure financial methods: panning for gold, and Dogecoin. All others are bubbles.

We're about to get into a weird, weird world. Corporations are people. Banks can't be trusted. Currencies hyperinflate and collapse. Crypto-currencies bubble and barter makes everyone roll their eyes and demand you move to Portland. You and your child can only trust one thing: precious metals.

That's why this Pan For Gold Kit is as vital today as it was in 1848, when the frontier was dangerous and antibiotics didn't work and money was hard to come by unless you were born rich. See? See? IT'S HAPPENING ALL OVER AGAIN!!!

Remember, when the power grid collapses, that programming degree will only be good to start a fire. But a Pan For Gold Kit and the knowledge of how to use it? That just might pay for itself. Especially if you're lucky enough to get a bag with real gold inside.

It's certainly faster than mining for Bitcoins, anyway. Have you SEEN what the difficulty's at right now?