Glow Sticks - Your Choice

by wootbot

Dance, Now

Glow Sticks aren't just for '90s ravers. They're for anyone who wants to be noticed in the dark!

Michelle leaned back into Tim's arms. Away from the campfire, the gowsticks were spinnng in the hands of their children.

"Dare you to guess who's who."

"That one there, that's not moving very quickly. That's Ella,"

"Low to the ground, that's easy."

"Okay, you go, then."

"Fine! The flasher mode one, that's Jake."

"By the tree?"

"No, by the other tree. Over there."

"That's- okay, you're right. That has to be Jake."

"So where's Olivia then, smarty pants?"

"I think she's... the one over there, by the bushes."

"What's she doing in the bushes?"

"She's trying to find spiders. We were talking about it earlier."

"That's not fair! It doesn't count if you TALK to the kids!"

At home, it probably would have been bed time. But in the woods, nobody cared if you stayed up a little late.