Giant School Supplies Bundle

by wootbot

Supplies Party

In ancient times, children learned to count using leaves and spit. Do you want that to be your child's schooling?

Children of ancient times learned English so they could yell "Your Lordship, look out for the wolves!" They learned science so they could say "The moon lives in the forest yonder." They learned writing so they could put KEEP OFF THE POTATOES on a sign and they learned addition so they could figure out how many potatoes to pay to their Lordship's tax collector, to help pay for the wolf hunters. Outside of that, education was pointless, so school supplies weren't needed.

Today, however, children take standardized tests and struggle to learn things from textbooks. Will they use it later in life? Of course not! But that shouldn't stop them from trying.

So gather up this bundle for your child and make sure they have notebooks and erasers and rulers and mechanical pencils and gel pens and crayons and highlighters and more. And also, make sure his Lordship gets his share of the potatoes as soon as possible. You don't want to risk losing wolf protection for the year, do you?