Giant School Supplies Bundle

by wootbot

Wednesday: Supply Casserole

All this week in the Deal Cafeteria our Lunch Lady serves up a back-to-school treat. Prepare yourself for September!

The secret to being a lunch lady is knowing everything the teachers know. For example, I know that those who can't remember the past won't remember what leftovers were around from the previous week of meals! That's why the casserole is the lunch lady's best friend. They liked all the parts once, right? Why won't they also like it all mixed together?

But don't worry, all these school supplies are fresh and clean (unlike the fried okra I keep in the back for emergencies) and perfect for the backpacks of your little student. We've got pens, we've got glue, we've got a little calculator in case their friends haven't yet learned the 55,370,000 + 8,008 trick. Don't knock it, people, learning how that works is the foundation of a modern business degree.

But there are also rulers with multiplication tables on them, craft sticks, correction pens, two pairs of scissors and a six-pack of mechanical pencils which are the absolute best type of pencils that exist. And more! Things I can't even mention! Just like the average lunchroom casserole! What is that, a half a carrot?

So eat up. And don't think you can just try to just buy cookies from the now-repaired vending machine because there aren't any. I bought them all for MY lunch. Ha ha!