Gazillion Bubble Bike Exhaust

by Wootbot

What is the world coming to?!

What sort of example are we setting for our children?!

Adam, have you seen this?! I can’t believe this! What is wrong with our country? Why would anyone ever want to give their kids a Gazillion Bubble Bike Exhaust?!

I did not spend $30,000 on a hybrid just so my KID could ride around POLLUTING! Think about it, Adam: this thing takes two AA batteries (which, by the way, it doesn’t even come with) and a hit from the four ounces of bubble solution included, straps onto your bike, and serves only to function as an exhaust!

I don’t want to encourage our children to dump horrible things into the atmosphere! What’s next? Little Johnny’s playtime SUV? This is disgusting! I can’t believe a company would even DO this!

When I think of all the homeless polar bears this will lead to, I just well up inside, Adam. It hits me in my soul.

No, our children won’t have anything like this. They’ll grow up to drive hybrids or all-electric cars that don’t pollute at all because they just plug into the wall.

Duh, Adam! The electricity comes from the power plant and charges the battery made of toxic rare-earth metals from third world countries so we’re not burning any fossil fuels!

Sometimes I wonder if you even like being eco-friendly.


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