Fuzzoodles Giant Bonus Kit

by wootbot

Family Battles

There's enough fuzzy noodles here in this set to give one to your siblings... but that doesn't mean you HAVE to share.

Jeremiah Fuzzdoodle stared down at Xenakis Fuzzdoodle. Brothers? Once. But today they were just two fuzzy noodles with plastic accessories standing in each other's way.

Jeremiah had been the eldest, born on the kitchen table from a mix of blue, purple, angry eyes and monster feet. The day he saw his little brother take shape was the happiest day of his life. He saw those three eyes, that bow tie, the strange sombrero-like hat, and he said "I'm the role model now." He felt a thousand feet tall.

And then… well, it was impossible to say why. Maybe it was the fall from the table, onto the dirty kitchen floor. Maybe it was how he was taken apart and put back together without the hat. Supposedly any Fuzzdoodle could be assembled and reassembled with no issues, but Xenakis was so sensitive. Maybe his little fuzzy noodle mind just snapped.

Jeremiah Fuzzdoodle couldn't say why his brother turned on him. All Jeremiah Fuzzdoodle knew is that he was made to patrol this table, and justice was more important than blood.

"…and that's why you can't play with my Fuzzoodles Giant Boxed Set, Olivia." said Jake.

Olivia didn't even look up from her book. "I don't care, Jake, I don't care, I already said that I. DON'T. CARE."

Jake didn't look up. He knew how much it bothered her when someone told her no. Even if she didn't show it, he was winning this war. Jeremiah Fuzzdoodle never lost when justice was on the line.