Foreign Language Learning Bundles

by wootbot

We're Just Throwin' That Out There

This panda is a polyglot. Even if you don't know what that word means, your kids could be just like this panda.

Polyglot, meaning a person who speaks multiple languages, is one of those weird words a person in America can go their whole lives without hearing. Tell the truth, before today, when was the last time you heard the word "polyglot" in conversation? And yet, you want your child to know all the words, don't you? Because the more words they know, the more likely they can get you a nursing home on the Riviera.

So give your child the freedom to order pizza delivery in any country anywhere in the world. Give them one of these Foreign Language Bundles and get them fluent in French or Spanish or Chinese or whatever else you find in that pull-down ordering menu up top. With the proven power of pandas, your child will soon be making friends all over the globe! Diversifying with language! Yeah!

And, you know, if your child just happens to carry a few million in bearer bonds to a country with a more friendly interest rate... well, kids are just mischievous, aren't they? How could anyone blame YOU for THAT?