Fisher-Price Wheelies Zig the Big Rig

by wootbot

Save Up Your Allowance

So what if your kid wants to zag instead of zig. That's totally his prerogative. Now if he starts insisting that the clocks tock instead of tick, you might want to explain to him how the world works.

Hey Kids! Welcome to the Woot-Off! We've got a selection of really great things for you to choose from this go-round. You're probably gonna want to buy every single item, but unless you've been saving all your allowance and birthday money, you probably won't be able to.

You could ask your mom and dad to spot you a fiver, but then they'll probably give you some big fat lecture about responsibility and how getting things is so much better when you work hard for them and buy them yourself.

Parents, am I right? Every kid knows all the best things in life are the things you get someone else to buy for you, or steal from your big brother's room. It's cool. He broke your Megator with karate chop action action figure. He had it coming.