Fisher-Price Little Mommy Baby Doll Set

by wootbot

Oink Oink, Baby

Awwww. Look at that little girl with her baby doll. So sweet. So innocent. So grossly ill-prepared for the oft-unpleasant reality of motherhood.

You think your parents were jerks for making you put 10% of every dollar you earned into savings now? Because if they hadn't, you probably would have just blown all your allowance and birthday money on things like Fun Dip and Silly Putty. And you'd be here, with all these great kid things to buy, without a nickel to your name.

So next time crack open that piggy bank, take a little moment to thank your parents. Because without them, there's no way you'd be able to afford all those SpongeBob Underpants you're going to make off with today.