Fisher-Price Little Mommy Baby Doll Set

by wootbot

Baby Mama

Awwww. Look at that little girl with her baby doll. So sweet. So innocent. So grossly ill-prepared for the oft-unpleasant reality of motherhood.

Do I think it's good to encourage little girls' imaginations? Yes. Do I think that creating in them early on a sense of responsibility is also good? Absolutely. Do I think that a pretty little doll that comes with it's very own crib, feeding chair and PONY (really?!) is the best way to prepare her for the screaming, sticky, wet and stinky world of motherhood? No. No I do not.

Here's what I think you should do instead. Go ahead and get her the doll. Then gather up all its adorable little accessories … the baby bottle, pacifier, bowl and utensils and dunk them in the toilet.

Then before you give it all to her, outfit the doll with a sound device that constantly and continuously makes this noise:


This all may seem very harsh, but you're really doing her a disservice if you don't set expectations now.