First Years Infant Car Seat

by wootbot

God Only Knows

Hey, enjoy this car seat while you can. They'll grow up fast enough on their own.

"Okay, sweetie," said Alex, strapping Ella into her First Years Infant Car Seat. "Your dad's a great guy, but he's got no idea what real music is. It's time Uncle Alex introduced you to a little genre called- dubstep."

Tim was bagging up the leaves in the front yard when Alex pulled back into the driveway, looking furious.

"Hey, Alex. How was your drive?"

Alex tossed the keys at Tim. "I don't want to freakin' talk about it, okay? I just- WHATEVER, okay?"

Tim nodded, and went to the car. He was pretty sure he could guess what happened.

In the back, there was Ella, sleeping with a smile on her face, super comfy in the adjustable five point harness. In the CD player, Tim knew he'd find his copy of Pet Sounds, probably because it was the only thing in the car that Ella actually enjoyed. On the passenger side, there was a pile of CD-Rs that Alex had burned, names like "Skrillex" and "Joker" and "Sick Mix!" Tim didn't judge, he once had a car full of KLF and Thrill Kill Kult and a "Dope Jamz" cassette he mixed himself.

But that was pretty much another life.

Ella stirred in the backseat. Soon, Tim thought to himself, she'd be too big for this First Years Infant Car Seat. Soon she'd be over 22 pounds (or 35 with the base) and not long after that she'd be in the passenger seat like Olivia. Then trying to borrow the car, and then telling her dad about some new style of noise that he'd be too old to appreciate or understand. Tim wasn't scared, he accepted it. Hating the crap the next generation loved was just part of life. But that was years away, right? Ella didn't have to come out of her car seat just yet.

Ella yawned as Tim got in the car and turned the key. Alex was coming out of the house. Tim waved.

"Hey, Ella and I are gonna go listen to some real music together. Throw those bags by the trash can, will you?"

"Track eight on that mix!" Alex called, misunderstanding. "It's got this amazing drop, it'll blow your mind!"

Tim waved back and rolled up the window. "I prefer to think of it as the first track on Side Two, but he's right, Ella. It will blow your mind."

And, as Tim sang to his giggling daughter, it was clear she agreed with his review.