Fila Fresh Shoes - 2 Colors (Sizes 11-3)

by wootbot

Smash open those piggy banks, kids! It's time for a Woot-Off!

Each time I dip down, I hear a little voice saying "Hey! This is your shoes talking! Have you done as many lunges as you can? Are you A TRUE CHAMPION?" And each time, I say "You're right, Fila Tennis Shoes. I CAN do at least one more!" And I do.

One time when I was a kid, my grandma was staying with us while my parents were out of town, and she didn't have lunch money for my brothers, so she broke open my piggy bank and gave them my money. The moral of the story, kids, is that grandmas are mean, and you should spend all your money here before that old witch takes it. Happy shopping!