Fila Fresh Shoes - 2 Colors (10.5-7)

by wootbot

Anyone For Lunges?

Some kids buy tennis shoes to look cool. Some kids buy tennis shoes to play tennis. Why did I buy them? So I could do lunges.

Hi, I'm Arthur "Irongams" McDonaldsonburgstein, and I'm the world record holder for  "Most Lunges Done On The Way To School." I hold world records in "Most Lunges Done In A Fast Food Restaurant" and "Most Lunges Done In A Science Fair." I just can't stop lunging! I'm even doing it now! And it's all thanks to these Fila Tennis Shoes.

Comfy and attractive, they inspire me to lunge as hard as I can, and to really throw my very best in front of me, then move towards it and rise! Each time I dip down, I hear a little voice saying "McDonaldsonburgstein! This is your shoes talking! Have you done as many lunges as you can? Are you A TRUE CHAMPION?" And each time, I say "You're right, Fila Tennis Shoes. I CAN do at least one more!" And I do.

Without these shoes, I might have just been another kid on the couch. But today? I'm about to set the record for "Most Lunges Done On A Jet Ski In Motion." Strangely enough, that number is one. Guess I'm breaking new ground! Woo-hoo!