FILA Diaper Bags - Your Choice

by wootbot

Gear Up

These bags are perfect for the outdoorsy parent who doesn't want his friends to know he is, in fact, a parent.

When you're standing at the edge of that precipice, basking in the glory of your most recent successful climb, nothing is a bigger buzz kill than suddenly realizing your buddy brought along his baby.

It's like, ever since he had that thing, he's been bringing it along EVERYWHERE you two go: the white water rafting trip in Montana, the ziplining tour in Costa Rica, even the parasailing excursion in Hawaii.

If it wasn't for its constant need of sustenance, you probably wouldn't have even noticed. You even complimented your buddy on his new Fila backpack and messenger bag, completely oblivious to the fact that they are, in fact, diaper bags.

But now that you know, you could think of a lot better things to pack in those insulated baby bottle holders or the easily accessible pacifier pockets. Like some extra carabiner clips, or his dignity.