Evenflo EuroTrek Travel System - You Pick!

by wootbot

The Climb

To you, long-legged parent, reaching the store is a short series of steps. To your baby, it might as well be an attempt on the face of K2 without supplemental oxygen.

If some giant scooped you up from your warm snuggly bed, fed you breakfast, then expected you to sprint up the face of Mount Everest at full speed, you would probably ALSO feel very sad. And possibly you'd cry a lot. And wish that giant had brought some kind of transport device that let you take a nap while they went and did what every stupid thing they had to do on top of that mountain.

Now do you understand the importance of an Evenflo Travel System?

To a little child, that short walk to the grocery store is a HUGE distance, especially before they master the basic laws of motion. You need an Evenflo Travel System to make it more fair on both of you. Them because they don't want to walk. You because it's pretty easy to take this thing in and out of the car and it looks darn stylish rolling about. Plus the Travel System consists of a EuroTrek Stroller and a SecureRide35 Infant Car Seat, so your baby can be safely strapped in as you drive home from the impossible journey.

You might also want to buy your baby a small journal so they can record their adventures. Sure, to YOU it'll look like scribbles, but to other babies it'll be brilliant.