Elmo & Cookie Monster Squeeze-A-Song Bundle

by wootbot

Squeeze A Little Song

Oh, so all you have to do to get people to sing is squeeze them?

What're you doing?

"I'm squeezing you."

Yeah, I can feel that.

"Why aren't you singing?"

Why would I be?

"Because I'm squeezing you!"

That doesn't make any sense!

"It's simple. I squeeze. You sing. It's just like these Elmo & Cookie Monster Sesame Street Squeeze-A-Song toys. You squeeze either one of them and they sing a song!"

Well, I'm not a Sesame Street Squeeze-A-Song toy, am I?

"No, but why does that matter?"

The squeeze-a-song method doesn't apply to me!

"Oh. Sorry... hey, what's that noise?"

Oh, that's Jim. He just got off work.

"Jim, eh?"

Yeah, Jim--



It doesn't work on him either!

"Sheesh! What's up with you people?"