Dual Action Battery and Pedal Trike

by wootbot

The Toddlers Will Swoon

Sometimes a little guy likes to put the pedal to the metal. Sometimes he likes to just kick back and cruise. Either way, he's a preschool badass.

So. You're the new kid at the daycare. And now's your chance to make a new start. Reinvent yourself. Gone are the days of choo-choos and zoom-zooms. There's only one sound you want to hear now. And that's the sound of all the toddler feet come a-runnin' when you pull this sweet honey of a ride onto the playground that first day.

They'll gasp when you flip that switch between pedal and battery. They'll applaud when you go forward then reverse and then forward again. And they'll cheer when you high-tail it out of there at a breakneck 2 mph. "Eat my dust, fellas," you'll say. "Eat. My. Dust."

Oh what's that, little Suzie? You'd like to share your chocolate milk? Sorry, babe, he's got a date with Jenny and a juice box. You gotta move fast if you wanna roll with the big boys.