Dr. Seuss Floor Puzzle Bundle

by wootbot

Puzzling Behavior

If your kid starts acting funny, it could be a fever. Or it could be an addiction to jigsaw puzzles.

Getting Ella to go to bed was usually quite a challenge. But all this week, she had scarfed down her dinner, excused herself from the table and announced that she was "tired" and was "turning in for the night."

Michelle and Tim thought it was strange that she wanted to go to bed before 7:00. But they had half a dozen episodes of Breaking Bad to catch up on, so they weren't complaining.

A little after midnight, Michelle decided to poke her head in and check up on her little sleeping beauty. She sat down on the edge of her bed and reached out to gently pat the Ella-sized lump under the covers. That's when she realized it was a cleverly-placed pillow underneath and not a snoozing 3-year-old.

Michelle got up and was just about to flip on the light, when she saw the beam of a flashlight coming out from under the bed. She got down on all fours and there, passed out on a half-finished Cat in the Hat floor puzzle, was Ella.

When she grabbed the flashlight to turn it off, the beam flashed over two other Dr. Seuss puzzles (The Lorax and Yertle the Turtle) already complete.

"My, you have been a busy little bee, haven't you, Squirt?" Michelle whispered as she lifted a sleeping Ella and placed her gently in bed.

She leaned down and kissed her on the forehead. Ella sighed, rolled over and snuggled into the covers, still gripping one of the brightly-colored puzzle pieces.