Dr.Seuss 3-Pack Floor Puzzles-2 Choices!

by wootbot

The Two Doctors

For parents who don't keep up with trends, The Doctor always means time-traveler. And The Dr. always means lots of rhyming.

Doctor Who and Dr. Seuss are two people near and dear to the heart of the modern geek. But what's the difference? How can you, the person who grew up watching football instead of PBS, tell which Doctor is which? Today, with the help of this Dr. Seuss Floor Puzzle Bundle, we'll give you a few tips that'll help you tell them apart.

WHO: full of funny looking imaginary creatures including talking cats (New Earth, 2006).
SEUSS: full of funny looking imaginary creatures, including a SINGLE talking cat, The Cat In The Hat.

WHO: constantly teaching moral lessons and sometimes history.
SEUSS: constantly teaching actual lessons, like counting and the use of letters.

WHO: often boasts an underlying conceptual plot that forms to be a puzzle daring you to figure it out.
SEUSS: often comes in the form of a real puzzle that your child will enjoy putting together.

WHO: tends to attract fans who ignore the first few decades of the show with a passing glance, at best.
SEUSS: tends to attract fans who never bother to learn about what he was drawing during World War II.

WHO: The best episode was 1977's "The Sun Makers" which was a dark comedy carrying a message about the evils of taxation.
SEUSS: The best book was "Marvin K. Mooney Will You Please Go Now?" which is not actually about the evils of taxation.

See? They simply couldn't be more different!