Disney World of Knowledge 4-Pack Bundles

by wootbot

Get Smart

Within this bundle lies more knowledge than mankind had when they first built the wheel. And look at how well that did!

Tell your child that a 60 page book will let them cheat at Injustice: Gods Among Us and they'll read that thing cover to cover, twice. Tell them a 60 page book will teach them how to download free music and they'll even take notes! But tell them it'll help them learn about science and machines and dinosaurs and such? You know what, they'll probably read that too.

Because kids actually love to learn. L. O. V. E. It's just that grown-ups make everything so DULL, right? And that's why the Disney World of Knowledge 4 Pack Bundle is just such a good choice.

First, they'll offer your child a wide variety of subjects they can learn from. Second, they'll make those subjects interesting, be it explaining mollusks or presenting the process by which the earth was formed. And thirdly, they'll be doing it all after seeing the name "Disney" on the top of the book.

You know, the company that makes all those movies full of those songs they keep singing? Trust us, until they discover skateboards, hip hop and electric guitars, Disney will be as cutting edge pop culture as it gets.