Disney Spotlight Digital Wireless Microphone

by wootbot

Kerry From Oklahoma

This wireless microphone offers lyrics to some of your child's favorite songs, preventing that awkward moment when they learn they were singing the wrong lyric their entire childhood.

Oh, we've all been there. Whether it's holding Tony Danza close or looking for a bathroom over on the right, we all have one lyric we don't fully understand until, oh, about our mid-40s. And there's always that one horrible evening when our friends yell HEY EVERYBODY, THIS DWEEB THOUGHT "LADY IN RED" WAS ABOUT BREAD! and the whole bar shakes their head in disgust.But with this microphone, your child will get music and streaming lyrics, which will potentially save them from a horrifying loss of self-esteem! And what's more important in today's society than self-esteem? NOTHING! Except for maybe tone and echo and reverb, which the iPad app will help generate. And don't forget the built-in pitch correction. Please, don't forget it. We beg it of you.