Disney Literature Classic Book Bundles!

by wootbot

Rosengoof & Gilder Gearloose Are Dead

Teach your kids the classics, Disney-style! And we do mean classics. For real. Donald Duck doing Hamlet. THAT'S NOT A JOKE, COME AND SEE

There are two kinds of people in this world: those who will read Hamlet to their kids in a Donald Duck voice, and those who won't. Fortunately, we've got you covered no matter which group you prefer.

PACK ONE is for the brave soul who wants to enjoy a few happy moments with their child. Mickey and Goofy meet King Arthur? Donald Duck playing Don Quixote? What a sweet way to pre-teach your kids about all the books they'll never read in high school! These comic-style stores capture all the joy of the originals while still keeping them fun. After all, when's the last time you bought a Count Of Monte Cristo doll for anybody?

Then there's PACK TWO, with such classics as Around The World In 8 Days and Ducktargnan And The Musketeers and the perhaps actionable parody of The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz! But the big draw here? For real, we're not making this up: Donald Hamlet, Prince Of Dunemark. This is it. Shakespeare's most tragic play, performed by Donald Duck. What better way to get your kid interested in the theater? Especially if you actually perform it aloud.

Whichever pack you pick, know your child will be thrilled in a way that only Disney can offer: by taking something from the public domain and making it theirs. It's worked for almost eighty years, right?