Disney Helmet w/ Bell - Your Choice

by wootbot

Scare Tactics

"You think you look silly wearing a helmet? Just think how silly you'd look without a head!" Please. You're gonna have to do better than that, mom.

Parents. Aren't they so cute? Don't you just want to pat them on their sweet little heads? To this day, they still think the best way to get us to wear safety gear is by telling us gruesome stories about how poor little Johnny So-In-So lost both his elbows in a tragic skateboarding accident and if ONLY he had been wearing the proper safety gear.

Get a clue, folks. We don't care about little Johnny Noodle Arms. Why? Because that'll NEVER happen to US. We're invincible, don't you know? No. If you want to get us to wear helmets and the like, you're gonna have to make 'em cool. Like, say, plaster those multi-sport and micro-shell designs with some of our favorite Disney characters. Maybe throw in a bell that makes a loud "BBBRING BBBRING" sound to sweeten the deal.

Just be careful what you wish for. If you make them TOO cool, we'll refuse to ever take them off. Our noggins will be enrobed in polystyrene foam 24/7. We're wearing these suckers to bed, to school, and yes, even to church. Have fun explaining that one.