Disney Die Cut StoryBooks 4-Pack Sets

by wootbot

A Quiet Afternoon

It doesn't matter if they know the movies. They certainly don't know them with you as narrator. And that, as they say, makes all the difference.

"No, Ella, you don't have to put on the TV. Here, Granny Sharon will TELL you the story of your favorite Disney characters! Because she KNOWS them! ALL of them!"

Sharon's research had been worth it, she felt. Today she was sitting on the couch, turning the pages of the Disney Die-Cut Story Books and reading them to her granddaughter. A simple thing, but still thrilling for Sharon nonetheless.

After all, a few weeks ago she would have bluffed, or asked someone else to do it, or just pointed Ella at the TV. No loving cuddles, no fun voices for the bad guys, no playful interruptions from Ella or sidebars about which of Bambi's little forest friends were the cutest, all of that, Sharon would have missed out on completely.

Sharon decided she'd made a good decision in finally learning all the Disney stories in these Die-Cut Story books. Possibly one of the best decisions she'd ever made. And she was pretty sure Ella would agree.