Disney Book 4 Pack Bundle- Your Choice!

by wootbot

Fade To Black

Nothing says "They lived Happily Ever After" like finishing a Disney story! These books will bring that kind of magic to your home.

"Can we get a pizza?" asked Jake.

"Can we watch the Tintin movie again?" asked Olivia.

Ella tried to wrap Michelle's purse around her neck like a scarf.

Michelle tapped the steering wheel. "No, no, and Olivia, take that strap off your sister. Tonight, we are going to do something as a family. We are going to READ."

Tim could tell by their faces the moment they walked in the door. Nobody was in the mood for a family night. But dinner was ready, and on the table, and so everyone sat down. And glaredas they ate.

It was on the third bite that Tim decided it was time. He picked up the first of the Disney books, and began to read.

Michelle paused with a forkful of broccoli. Ella looked up in amazement at the dangly charm. Olivia rolled her eyes and Jake took a long angry breath. Almost in unison they shouted: STOP READING THAT STUPID BOOK!

But Tim kept going. He did the funny voices and the strange sound effects. He snarled like a puppy, clicked like a puppet, trumpeted like and elephant and raised his head proudly like a regal deer. And oh, how he was ridiculed. But he wasn't beaten. And as long as he wasn't beaten, he would keep going.

By the end of the last book, the food was cold. But Ella was wearing the charm necklace and laughing. Jake and Olivia were barking at each other. Michelle was flipping through Alice in Wonderland to see how many different voices SHE would need to do when it was HER turn, and everyone was smiling and laughing.

And, for a change, they weren't just a group of angry individuals. They were a family.