Discovery Kids Construction Fort

by wootbot

And Also, You'd Miss Them

One! Two! Three! Fort! Incidentally, we do suggest you buy three forts. You know, just in case.

Your child is sick of you. You, with your fancy house and big car and bedroom full of grown-up stuff. Bah. BAH! It's time your child went out and did something on his or her own! Except they know you don't like it when they cross the street and they can't go too far out of the yard so their options are kind of limited.

But! BUT! With a Discovery Kids Construction Fort they can start their own life as a homesteader AND also be close by. Working indoor and out, these 77 easy-to-assemble bits allow your child to finally have a place they can call their own.

Which is excellent, because without those kids, you'd have to pay a bunch more in taxes. Hey, don't act like you didn't think of it first. You can love them AND deduct them.