Discovery Kids Cardboard Blocks-2 Colors

by wootbot

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Hey, Mom and Dad! Welcome! Welcome to Kiddo's Casino! I'm your son, Kiddo, the owner. Let me show you guys around.

Okay, so, first off, help yourself to all the apple juice you want. It's free! All night and all day! See? It's a party here at Kiddo's! Secondly, there's no bedtimes here. Stay up as late as you like! Ha ha! It's like a dream, right? Come this way, we'll show you the entertainment.

I should tell you that, since everyone here is under 21, there's no gambling aloud here. We're more the kind of casino that runs on fun. See those nice cardboard blocks? 24 bricks in red and purple. Fold 'em up, stack 'em, knock 'em down if you want. They're tough. You could play that all night and keep drinking apple juice. Why not? Have a little fun! Everybody's a winner at Kiddo's Casino!

Also, hey, if you get board with building stuff, we've got a show at 5:30 and 7 in the Pecan Room down the hall. Yeah, good stuff, it's a dog act. Trained him myself, he can roll over and speak. And my little sister's doing stand-up at 9:30, but be warned, she's three, so it can get a little political. But it's all in good fun.

Say! Who wants another apple juice? I'd bet anything you do! Ha ha! Except, like I said, there's no betting here. So good thing you didn't laugh. I'd have to have you escorted out.