Discovery Kids Cardboard Block Bundle

by wootbot

Art 101

First you build, then you smash. Then you look upon your works and despair. That's just how the game is played in this crazy mixed-up world of ours.

Think back with us now, to the days of your childhood. Ah, so innocent, wasn't it? The wrestling on TV, the comic books in the back yard, the action movies in the theaters. All built around one thing: it's cool to build, but even cooler to smash.

And so the heels and faces would set up drama and settle it in the square circle, and the Spider-Mans would punch the Daredevils until they shook hands and joined forces, and the first acts would establish the lives of the heroes and almost immediately tear them down again. Why? Because that's just how drama works.

That's why these cardboard building blocks are so much fun! They arrive flat, so you can set 'em up yourself with a few quick folds. Then, once built, all the blocks stack in any number of ways. Twelve red and twelve purple means you've got a colorful castle or space station or Pony Express fort or whatever it is that's being built today. And then? CONFLICT.

Tap, whack, smack or knock, it doesn't matter. They'll all fall down the same, and in the most satisfying way possible. Then they can unfold and go right back into the original retail box for storage. That's how your kid will learn the magic that runs every piece of art, from movies to music to novels to really good baseball games to wrestling.

Creation. Conflict. Resolution. Doesn't matter if it's "Ode to Joy" or "Die Hard." What works is what works.