Discover with Dr. Cool Science Bundle

by wootbot

A Brave Man

Dr. Cool gave up a free ride to Party U to learn how to teach kids science. And he was LEGACY, too!

Dr. Cool, of the New England Cools, came from a long line of very cool people. His father, Thaddius Cool, was the first man to stand up in a limousine. His grandmother, Jane Cool (née‎ Suave), was the first woman to chew gum openly. You can bet Party U was interested in HIM heading up their School Of Wild Fun. And yet, he turned his back on his legacy and focused on his Geology and Paleontology degrees, getting a doctorate in Helping Kids Learn Science Is Fun. With a minor in Prussian Architecture.

And that's why Dr. Cool has these neat dig and/or pan sets. In one instance, your child can discover gems hidden beneath gypsum and clay. In another, fossils are hidden away! And lastly, there's the classic panning for gold... with a pyrite payoff!

What, do you think Dr. Cool's gonna give a kid his real gold? Just because he's cool doesn't mean he's dumb.