Diono Santa Fe Backless Booster Seat

by wootbot

For Those Of You Just Tuning In

"Yes, it IS cute how you can wriggle the seat belt above your belly button! Now let's make sure you can't do that while we're driving."

So now you know what we have to say about the current Woot-Off sale. Now, let's get you caught up on the ongoing story we've been telling in our product writeups. Since our last recap, we've seen Michelle's family enjoying the warmth of mid-summer. But Granny Sharon decided enough was enough...

...so she stepped in to help civilize Dakody. This gives Dakody's mom Teresa a little more time to try and find her way in the world, which, sadly, doesn't always end as it should. Dakody's dad Todd, on the other hand, seems to be enjoying his freedom a bit too much, so maybe the poor kid's better off with Sharon.

We also spent more time with Mackenzie, the clever little girl who just wants to be an only child again. Her brother Gavin is still too young to understand but he seems to appreciate the attention, which is exactly what Mackenzie DOESN'T want. But even when she's causing trouble, Mackenzie still knows that her mother loves her very much.

Jake had some adventures of his own, like fooling a poor archeologist and learning about Sharon's dark past. Ella learned how to ride and has her first crush. Olivia's been keeping to herself, but she did notice Tim was having trouble at work and made sure he knew he was a good dad.

If you haven't been keeping up, jump on board, right after the Woot-Off! School's starting very soon and a new year always opens up new friendships.