Diaper Bags - 7 Choices

by wootbot

Own It

Guys, ain't no shame in helping to carry the load every once in a while.



"Waiting for your wife?"


"Yeah, me too."

Guess the bag's a dead giveaway, huh?

"Yeah. But it sure beats holding her purse."

Totally. I used to get heckled a lot. Guys would walk by and be all, 'Nice purse, pansy!'

"Me too! And it's not like I ever had a good comeback either."

Right. Because the minute you say, 'She's trying on some new capris!' you just sound even more like a pansy.


But that's the cool thing about this diaper bag. It just looks like a stylish messenger bag with an adjustable strap and roomy interior.

"Right! And check this out on mine."

Is that …?

"An easy-access dispenser pocket for wet wipes and tissues? Yeah."

Oh man, that's awesome. I like how it has that robust dark bottom fabric. Durable and manly.

"Yeah, I really don't mind holding it at all. Besides, who's gonna call a guy out for being a good DAD, right?"

Hey LADIES! Nice PURSES! Hahahaha!

"HEY! They're not purses!"

That's right! They're innovative and practical DIAPER BAGS.