Deluxe Velboa Floppy Seat

by wootbot

Making Flippy Floppy

Your baby is going to be exposed to a lot of things in their life. The very LEAST you could do is make sure they don't have to touch the creepy stain on the shopping cart.

You see it, right? That weird brown stain on the shopping cart seat? You don't want to put your purse on it, you barely even want to put your bag of kitty litter on it. What is it? Is it alive? Is it GROWING? If you were alone, you'd fold it up and put everything into the cart's basket instead. And yet, that's where your child has to go. Ergo: the cover.

Naturally, this floppy seat isn't just a way to keep baby comfy and away from potential salmonella. It's also a way to keep their toys attached via the "Loops Of Fun" and a way to keep them feeling familiar when they're in a strange place, like a fancy restaurant where you don't really want your kid feeling nervous and cranky. Sure, maybe we're grasping at straws, but you will be too once your kid starts howling the second they bring over your steak.

Note the safety belt. Note the handy pocket. Note how floppy and washable it is. Don't take the chance that the shopping cart parasites will turn out to be benevolent! Give your kid an extra layer of floppy protection and have the peace of mind a parent like you deserves.