Delta 48-Piece Storage Set - 4 Colors

by wootbot

The War Goes On

A baby who learns how to be organized is a baby who already is one step ahead of every other baby. Even the ones that can already take steps.

Mackenzie looked across the room at her little brother Gavin and saw ... the future.

"Hey, Sis!" Gavin called. "I finished cleaning your room!"

"Thanks, Gavin!" Mackenzie shouted from the couch. "You always were the most organized!"

"That's thanks to the 48 piece Delta Storage Sets I grew up with. Remember those? With the closet dividers and velvet hangers and the six shelf organizer and everything? I pretty much mastered the art of organization in my-"

Mackenzie pointed lazily at a crumb near the TV.

"Oops!" Gavin hurried to sweep it up just as Amanda came in the front door.

"Why, Mackenzie! The house is spotless! What a great babysitter you are! I think someone's getting a little extra money for today."

Gavin nodded. "She's such an amazing big sister. I'm lucky to have her."

Mackenzie stretched, closed her eyes, and opened them. Back in the present day, with her little bratty brother.

"You better do what I say when we grow up," she muttered, "Otherwise, you're gonna be in trouble."

If Gavin was worried, he chose not to show it.