Delta 48-Piece Storage Set - 4 Colors

by wootbot

Mommy's Little Princess

It doesn't matter what color you choose. They're gonna hate you in a few years anyway.

Bristol looked into the mirror on her vanity. She slid the black lipstick out of the case and applied it liberally. She dabbed the corners with a tissue and then smiled at her reflection. "Mom is so gonna flip," she said to herself.

She pulled a brush through her long, black hair and then tied it back into a low ponytail. The scent of the fresh dye was strong. She picked up the scissors, and, just as she was about to make the first cut, Jessica opened the door.

"Bristol! OH MY GOD, YOUR HAIR! What did you do?!"


"Not until you explain to me what you've done to your hair. And what is that black goop all over your face?"

"This is who I am, Mom! Get over it!"

"This isn't you, Bristol. What happened to my beautiful blonde little girl?"

"I'm 13! Stop treating me like a baby!"

"You'll always be my baby."

"UGH!!! I can't stand it anymore! Look at this place! Everything is PINK! The walls are pink, the curtains are pink, the pillows are pink!"

Bristol ran over to her closet and whipped open the doors. "Even the damn hangers are pink!"

"You watch your mouth, young lady!"

One-by-one, Bristol yanked all 30 of the flocked-velvet hangers out of the closet and threw them on the ground.

"And what are these? Closet dividers? Why bother? All of my clothes are pink, too!"

"Bristol, honey, if you don't like your clothes, we can go shopping! Wouldn't that be fun? Girls day out!"

If looks could kill, laser beams would have shot out of Bristol's eyes and Jessica's head would have exploded.

"OH suuuure! Let's DO it," Bristol said, her words dripping with sarcasm. "It'll be, like, soooo fun! And maybe while we're out, we can get manis and pedis too!"

"That DOES sound like fun, honey! I'll go make the appointments right now while you wash that muck out of your hair."

Bristol's eyes went real big and she snorted and stomped. "You are so clueless! I hate this room! I hate these stupid pink shelf-organizers. I hate these pink storage bins. And I hate YOU!"

"Now you don't mean that, honey. How about a nice, warm cup of hot cocoa?"

"AHHHHHHYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" Bristol screamed and stomped over to the dresser. She picked up the scissors and then held them to her head dramatically.

"Don't you do it, Bristol! Don't you DARE!"

Bristol started grabbing fistfuls of her hair and hacking away at it with the scissors. Clumps of shiny, black hair fell to the floor.

Jessica threw herself to the ground and tried scooping it up as if to save it. Then suddenly, she awoke with a start.

"AHHHHH!" she screamed. Ryan jumped out of bed instinctively, still half asleep and very confused.

"Who … what's going on? Is there someone in the house?" he said now brandishing his nightstand lamp as a weapon.

"Oh, Ryan. I'm so sorry. I just had the most AWFUL dream. Come back to bed. Everything's fine."

Ryan set the lamp down and crawled back into bed.

"But I think I'm going to order that 48-piece storage set in beige instead of pink," Jessica said as she rolled over and pulled the covers up to her chin.