Delta 48-Piece Storage Set

by wootbot

Isn't That Precious?

I think it's so adorable how organized you are right now. I give it two weeks. 

I commend you. This place looks amazing. So welcoming and so put together. A place for everything and everything in its place. I guess this deluxe nursery storage set does make it easier, but still. You did a really lovely job.

You have all the baby's little bips and bops tucked nicely away in those storage bins and on the 6-shelf organizer. And just look at all those sweet little onesies hanging side-by-side on those slim-design flocked velvet hangers. You even have them all divided by size with those closet dividers. So cute!

But can I be real for just a second? When that baby finally comes, you're not gonna give two flips about all this. Fact.

I know, you think you're different. You think you've got it all figured out. But let me tell you, because no one else will. When you're a new mom, you'll do a lot of things you never thought you'd do. Like, not take a shower for three weeks. And eat Spaghetti-Os off the floor.

I'm sorry. Did I burst your new mommy bubble? No, no. You're right. I was out of line. It's going to be perfect. Everything is going to be absolutely perfect.