Defender Phoenix 2.4-Inch Digital Wireless Monitor

by wootbot

Watch Who's Talking

Hey, everybody come in here! Donald's playing that new talking baby movie!

Really! Look at how clear it seems on that 2.4" screen! Oh, oh, shh, everybody shh! This is the part where the baby and the dog do a rap together! Here it comes! Here it comes! Here it comes!

Okay, well, maybe I remembered wrong. But I'm sure this is the part where the baby gets a cell phone and calls for a pizza. And then, when it arrives, the dad's like "What? A pizza? Who ordered this?" And the baby laughs and does this cute shrug and- huh. I guess I was wrong about that too.

Oh, I know what it is, maybe this is the second one! Yeah, my bad, I see it now! This is the part where the baby steals a car and they play "Bad To The Bone" as he drives past a cop, and the cop does a double-take and says to his partner "We didn't see nothing" and- what? The baby's going back to sleep?

Say, Donald, what IS this movie? It's terrible?

Oh, it's a live stream of your kid from a system with a transmitting range up to 750 feet, is it? Well, I sure hope that baby's got a SAG card, mister, or you're in a heap of trouble with the guild.