DC Comics Little Mates Watch & Figurine Set

by wootbot

Who Watches The Watches?

There's a crisis in time! Good thing you've got the heroes best equipped to handle a crisis.

Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman. They've got cartoons. They've got video games. They've got movies, or they're getting movies soon. You know their faces, your kids know their faces, and their friends know their faces. And best of all? These toys don't come with a pile of continuity mish-mash. They come with a watch!

When your kid spys a tiny Princess Diana posing dramatically, they won't ask if she's Pre-Crisis or Post-Flashpoint or Mid-Zero Hour or whatever. They'll just say YAY! WONDER WOMAN! and grab hold of her to play with. Kal-L? Kal-El? When they're 2" tall and detailed, nobody but Mark Waid would even bother to ask. And if you want your little Batman buddy to be Dick or Jean-Paul, guess what? Through the power of your imagination, he is. It's just that simple.

Don't look at these little guys as the cast of the weirdly-unfulfilling Identity Crisis or the soon-to-be-horrific Trinity War or whatever they're pretending to be writing for "grown-ups" out there. Look at these little guys the same way you look at the nifty included watch. Designed for kids right out of the gate.

At least until they do a John Constantine.