DC Comics 2CH Helicopter - Your Choice

by wootbot

Sky Justice

That's right. Let's just stop kidding ourselves about "reality" and make helicopters that are also superheroes.

How many years did you, parent, have to play with stupid real helicopters with tiny action figures glued inside. That's right, for-freakin'-EVER. And what did you always want? You wanted that figure in your hand! So here you go. No more trouble. Starting today, the figure and helicopter are one.

Your child can fly their Batman up to the kitchen window and intimidate you. WHERE'S THE LEMONADE? WHERE IS IT? And you'll have no choice but to obey. Or perhaps the quietly judgmental eye of Superman will keep you honest as you do your taxes on the sofa. If they only knew, Pa, how much I love them, they'd never think of writing "zero" in that box that asks about internet purchases. And don't forget about the child who just wants to watch the world burn. When that Joker goes flying into their little sister's room, you'll have no choice but to try and understand the humor in the whole situation.

Hey, don't act all innocent. You're the one thinking about buying your kid a bad guy's copter, what can you expect?