Cybex Ruby Stroller - 5 Colors

by wootbot

Ruby, Baby

The perfect stroller to carry your precious cargo, be it child, puppy, kitten or sack of gourmet gluten-free flour.

- Okay, sweetums, Momma's gonna strap you down in your widdle Cybex Ruby Stroller now! Yes, she is! Yes, she is!

- Karen, you're talking to a lasagna.

- Diane, shh! You'll hurt his feelings and ruin his self-esteem! Auntie Diane didn't mean, it, sweetums, she's just projecting.

- Projecting! Karen, you've got a lasagna in this stroller that's meant for a HUMAN CHILD!

- Diane, the Cybex Ruby Stroller has real wheel suspension, front swivel wheels, and is made to go over bumps with almost no impact to the passenger.

- Yes, but-

- Furthermore, the Cybex Ruby Stroller has an expandable canopy to protect the passenger, plus a seat back with TWO seating positions for absolute comfort.

- I know all this, but-

- And let me add, the Cybex Ruby Stroller can even accommodate taller children ... OR a freshly made dish of lasagna I'm taking across the street to a party!

- Karen, it's not holding a dish. It's holding a cardboard box. You put a lasagna in a cardboard box and then you put that box in a stroller.

- Auntie Diane just doesn't understand us, sweetums. No, she doesn't! And now she's not getting a single bite, is she? No, she's not! No, she's not!

- Karen ... hang on, are you just distracting me?

- Okay, fine, you figured it out. Everyone's in the living room with a cake. Just walk through that door and they'll yell SURPRISE! I'll be in there in about ten minutes, as soon as I throw out this lasagna box.

- It seems like a real waste, though.

- Nah, I make terrible lasagna. But I do have good taste in strollers, don't I?