Cruisin' Coupe Battery Operated Classic Car with Remote

by wootbot

Fun Fun Fun 'Til...

I always hoped my child would have a better car than mine. I just didn't expect it so soon.

Whoa, sweet ride there, kid. Love the rims, the mirrors, the grill, all of it. Primo carriage, man. You, uh, you think I might be able to borrow it tonight?

I haven't hit the Boulevard since I had to sell my cherried-out '67 Coronet back in, oh, about the time you were born. So it'd only be fair for you to let me take that sweet battery-powered ride for a spin up and down the main drag. Whaddya say? Wanna help your dear old Dad cruise the boulevard like back in the day, since you were kinda the reason that "day" ended?

Oh, a weight limit. Right. Makes sense. I didn't think about that. 70 pounds, huh? Let's see, if I start dieting now...