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by wootbot

A Woot Classic Moment

We’re too caught up in the frenzied celebration of our 10th birthday to write about today's product. Check out this refurbi- uh, classic write-up.

Thermo Dynamic (April 2007): Listen up, society. You people need to get over your judgmental attitude toward adults who play with toys. So what if my cubicle is decorated with first-edition Bandai Dragonball Z action figures in the original packaging? What business is it of yours that my entire basement is dedicated to what I call my "Playmobil Universe"? In a sane culture, I’d be heralded as an archivist of essential pop-culture artifacts, and not "that fat, pathetic nerd from the IT Department." (Watch what you say in the office men’s room, Tom from Accounting. The stalls have ears.)

I try to remember that sometimes my kind must conceal our enthusiasm to get by in the face of society’s prejudice. That’s what I like about the ThermoHawk 200 IR Thermometer. I can pass it off as a useful tool for determining the temperature of computer components in the course of my job: I can point it at anything and press the button to shoot an infrared beam. Then the surface temperature appears on the little readout. Nobody would laugh at me for that.

But little will they know, it’s also a first-class toy. Someday, people like me will be appreciated for our unorthodox passions, for preserving the child inside all of us. Until then, there’s the ThermoHawk 200 IR Thermometer.