Classic 35-Piece Puzzle 4-Pack Bundle

by wootbot

The Hard Questions

You're a grown-up and YOU don't even know how to untangle the puzzle that is life. How must your child feel? Give 'em something they CAN solve and let 'em be happy.

You're on your sixth divorce. You've got nineteen mortgages. You want a better job but you're not sure how to get noticed. Spider-Man is actually Doctor Octopus. And your kid comes in and asks you "What's the meaning of life?" How in the heck are you supposed to answer THAT?

What you can do, however, is give your child a nice 4-Pack of 35 Piece Puzzles. They'll enjoy the lovely shapes and colors and the non-toxic soy-based inks, and thrill as a day goes from a chaotic mess to a clear picture of, say, The Three Little Pigs or Snow White. Tiny impossible pieces bridge to one big massive clear whole. It'll make them smile, keep them busy, and keep you safe from the hard questions.

Questions like "What is DC Comics even DOING these days? Are they just out of their MINDS?" Seriously, can anyone answer that, please? It's like they're just trolling everybody on purpose.