Ciao! Baby Portable High Chair

by wootbot

The Air Up There

Imagine if the whole world was up on top of your refrigerator. Sad, isn't it? Well, that's how your baby feels at dinner time.

Babies have a boring view down there at baby level. They aspire to see more than just the knotholes along the bottom edge of the picnic table. They dream of human conversation, not just a passing ant or beetle to stare at. Raise them! Raise them up to great heights relatively speaking!

Now instead of spending hours looking at elbows, your baby can be staring at the bounty that nature has provided! Eye to eye, see? Learn 'em some good people skills! Indoors and outdoors, the Ciao Baby High Chair can travel to any place that a baby might go. That's all due to the small footprint, you see, and the lightweight, um, weight.

A lap belt holds the kid in place, a durable material keeps the little one supported, and a clear vinyl tray easily wipes the tot clean. THERE IS NO SEATING SITUATION THAT CANNOT BE MADE BETTER VIA THE APPLICATION OF THE CIAO BABY HIGH CHAIR. Accept it. Embrace it. Let it lift you higher.