Character Plush and Throw - 8 Choices

by wootbot

Saturday: Lunch Lady's Day Off

What? WHAT? You followed the Lunch Lady home? It's Saturday, you tiny weasels!

Go find someone else to take care of your food-based needs, you little brats! I'm watching the game and eating chips! Oh, come on now, don't start crying. I guess it's okay if you sit on my porch and watch the game through my mosquito netting. I hung that up after spending a year in the Serengeti, learning the secrets of the lunch ladies before me. Also, I use it to make cheesecake every now and then.

What? You want to learn about cheesecake and the Serengeti? Really? Wow, in all my years of doing this job, I've never met anyone who wanted to follow in my footsteps. Tell you what... here. Snuggle up in this Character Themed Plush & Throw set. Would you like a Madagascar themed fleece? Or maybe a Cinderella style plush? Oh, you want the Batman one, huh? Well, fair enough. You can spread it out under the porch swing near my cactus garden.

And now, young one, I shall tell you the story of the Lunch Lady Monks of Kilimanjaro, where my training began. It was there I first saw the face of H'rnet, the faceless statue that guards the great cafetorium of the Aztecs.

Look, if you're going to act like you know Aztecs didn't live in Africa you can just roll up your Plush & Throw and go home. The Lunch Lady doesn't have time for your mess on her day off.