Character Hoodies 4-Choices (Sizes 4-7)

by wootbot

That's How It Starts

Adorable character hoodies today, elaborate cosplay get-ups tomorrow.

"Get him the character hoodie," you said. "He'll look absolutely adorable," you said. What's the worst that could happen?

Fast-forward 35 years. Your job-holding, society-contributing son now stands before you, covered head-to-toe in silicone scales. He communicates in chirps and clicks, and insists you refer to him as "Chalakon." Yes. Your son is a merman.

Not a real merman, of course, because those don't exist. But he is a real-life PhD in Education earner and tenured college professor who just happens to enjoy attending conventions dressed as a mythical fish beast.

And it all started with that damn hoodie you bought him when he was 4. Everyone telling him how adorable he looked all made up like his favorite character. It was that adoration and praise that cemented his future. You're (mostly) OK with it. He's made a lot of good friends, and he's not hurting anyone. Besides, it could have been a lot worse. You almost bought him that clown hoodie instead.