Caterpillar Tractor with Trailer

by wootbot

The Big Vote

Today we weren't sure how to sell our Caterpillar Tractor with Trailer to the public. So we're asking you, the customer, for help. Click through and see what you can do, okay?

Sometimes, our writing team comes up with two equally stupid brilliant ideas, and which don't know which to use! So today, we're offering three different premises up to you, the reader. Please take a moment to consider which "joke" is the worst, then post your choice in the forums. Based on your feedback, we'll know which writer we have to fire!

WRITER ONE: Imagine your child and their Caterpillar Tractor with Trailer, driving around the floor around their judge's bench. Imagine your child and their Caterpillar Tractor with Trailer, driving down the red carpet of the local charity ball. Imagine your child and their Caterpillar Tractor with Trailer, sitting in at a Chamber Of Commerce meeting to help solve zoning issues. Why, in that situation, you might even call them... a Caterpillar of the community!

WRITER TWO: So your child's playing with their Caterpillar Tractor with Trailer, and then you suddenly hear the pedal crank come to a halt. You peek around the corner and there you see it: the fully operational front loader full of a beautifully covered bug. Clearly, your child went to the right and collided with the poor creature. You walk over calmly. You say "Are you okay, sweetheart?" And your child looks up and says "Wow! Guess I just turned my Caterpillar... into a butterfly!"

WRITER THREE: Once upon a time, there was a Caterpillar Tractor with Trailer that, um, watched Doctor Who! And, um, that Caterpillar Tractor with Trailer didn't want to be fired so it was, um, that one with the angels in it? You know, with David Tennant? And then, the Caterpillar Tractor with Trailer went to watch Buffy The Vampire Slayer... no, wait, Firefly! Yeah, and there was pizza for dinner! Because everybody loves pizza! LOOK I CAN'T AFFORD TO BE FIRED RIGHT NOW OKAY I'VE GOT A LOT GOING ON IN MY LIFE

There you go, readers! Should we fire writer one, writer two, or writer three? Post your answers in the forum! And thanks for the help!